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A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) - SC043214

Sporting scholarships

The Benzies Foundation aims to provide scholarships to individuals or teams in Scotland, which will allow them participate in their chosen sports - either for just one event (such as a tournament) or for a term of ongoing participation. You may require funding for equipment, for tuition or for travel costs to attend your sport for example.


Please firstly determine if you meet the prerequisites of scholarship applications, and then fill in the form below to have your case assessed. As part of the scholarship process you will receive full tuition including any equipment required for one term*, upon which your scholarship will be re-assessed.


Prerequisites of scholarship applications


  • You must be an individual or team based in Scotland

  • We ask that you only apply for a scholarship when you are not able to obtain the financial support from other sources (i.e. from your parents, other funding bodies, school or friends)

  • You must have the permission of a guardian to apply if you are less than 16 years of age

  • You must have a selected sport or activity you are interested in, and be able to provide the details of the association/company who will provide the coaching/training.


*One term is defined as a single time block of coaching/training offered by the association/company. It may also be defined as one sporting event that you require sponsorship to participate in.


NB We are currently closed for applications - please keep checking the site for an update